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Welcome to 6 Yard Box

Posted by Christopher Smith on

Welcome to the home of football fashion redefined. 6 Yard Box is a unique destination for the most stylish and cultured football fans from around the globe - it is not your typical football store.

The 6 Yard Box is located in a converted arch in Edinburgh's newest shopping destination next to Waverley Station. The whole area is steeped in history and the design is unconventional to say the least - which is exactly why we love it.

We fell in love with this location as soon as we laid eyes on it - you should see what it looks like now!

The idea of 6 Yard Box has been in the making ever since co-owner Steven Dow chanced upon a stunning retro shirt collection while visiting Amsterdam. This was no ordinary retro shirt collection however, this was a range that was completely inspired by the makers' love of the game.

That Amsterdam company was Copa, and as you'll see on our website their range expertly crafts true-to-era football shirts for both national and club teams from the last 100 years! 

Retro shirts simply don't come more authentic than Copa.

As well as these stunning retro shirts, 6 Yard Box will also be stocking Copa's fashionable range of men's t-shirts. This collection allows you to show your passion for the greatest game on Earth, while maintaining a look that will be the envy of the terraces. 

There's a good reason we call it football fashion redefined...

In addition to Copa, 6 Yard Box will also supply luxury items for those of you who prefer the finer side of football. We're immensely excited to bring you deluxe cashmere football scarves from Savile Rogue. 

Made for the man (or woman) with the desire for something with a real touch of class, the Savile Rogue scarves are not only elegant and stylish, but furthermore they're extraordinarily warm thanks to the finest cashmere used. 

Elegant, stylish and perfect for the stands.

The Copa and Savile Rogue ranges will become the staple items of 6 Yard Box, however we'll be bringing in a plethora of quirky, interesting and entertaining products from designers all over the world. This includes items like a football map which seems perfectly normal until you look more closely, uncovering streets with names like Elland Road and wooded areas such as Nottingham Forest.

You can quite easily spend hours searching this map...

Everyone's favourite tabletop football game Subbuteo will also be making a cameo, but perhaps not in the style you would expect. Premium bronze Subbuteo bottle openers and individual salt & pepper shakers are but a sample of what we have in store for you.

Free kick and beer bottle specialist.

As many of the items we stock will be limited edition designs, there's a good chance that 6 Yard Box will be your only opportunity to get your hands on them. We'll be constantly scouring the globe for exciting new products to keep the range in-store new and fresh, so all the more reason to pay us a visit whenever you can.

We're incredibly excited to bring our love and passion for the glorious game to the people of Edinburgh and beyond - and like the greats Pele, Maradona and Cryuff, we intend to leave a lasting impression. 

So get in the 6 Yard Box and stand out from the crowd!

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