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The top 10 Must-Have Retro Football Shirts...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

What's the best retro football shirt in the world? It's a tough call & likely to result in a long & heated debate. 

However, we're giving it a bash & we've put together a top ten for you to enjoy (or possibly tell us how wrong we are in an angry, shouty voice). 

Although this is a countdown to number 1, we reckon you should definitely have no fewer than ALL of these stunning retro shirts in your collection. 


10. East Germany home shirt 1974

There's something particularly enjoyable about a retro shirt for a national side that no longer exists. This retro jersey lets you pull on what East Germany wore at the 1974 World Cup where they defeated hosts West Germany 1-0.

Just look at that badge as well! It's almost a propaganda poster for Communism in its own right - marvelous stuff! 


9. Italy home shirt 1982

One of the most iconic moments in World Cup history occurred in this shirt. The sight of Paolo Rossi's iconic celebration after scoring in the final cemented a place in history for both the player & this successful Italian national side. 

This retro shirt is simple, understated & unmistakably beautiful. 


8. Boca Juniors home shirt 1960's

The shirt design of Boca Juniors of Argentina is so iconic, that even back in the 1960's when the club didn't feature a a sponsor, or even a badge on their kit, it was still instantly recognisable.

This stunningly simple retro shirt is made from cotton so that it feels just like the originals that the Boca players would have worn over 50 years ago. 


7. Juventus home shirt 1992/93

Juventus' UEFA Cup winning shirt of the 92/93 season is arguably one of the nicest kits the club ever wore. It helps matters further that the legendary Roberto Baggio bagged over 20 goals wearing it.

The sublimated details, the minimalist Juve badge & old-school sponsor all add up to this being one impeccable retro shirt. 


 6. L.A Aztecs home shirt 1977


Legendary player George Best enjoyed a return to form when he made the move over to America's ill-fated NASL. His time at the Aztecs saw him wow American crowds with his silky dribbling & impressive goal tally.

This retro shirt not only showcases an amazing kit from a now defunct team, it even comes with Best's squad number & name print.


5. Barcelona home shirt 1980/81

This beautiful Barcelona retro shirt has been worn by two of the coolest people we can think of: Johan Cruyff & Noel Gallagher (the latter pulling it on for a gig in Spain). 

It's a faithfully-recreated version of the club's 1980 home shirt, which was during the same season that their talismanic forward Quini was kidnapped; this shirt is both stunning & interesting.


4. Telstar home shirt 1993/94

Telstar may not be a Dutch team you've likely heard of. In fact, they've spent the majority of their existence outside of the Eredivisie.

However, this retro recreation of their 1993 shirt is one of the most eye-catching retro shirts you're likely to find anywhere.

The combination of colours, as well as that large vintage-looking sponsor all come together to make this kit worthy of an outfit for a night out, never mind a match day. 


3. Nantes home shirt 1965/66

Back in the 60's Nantes were one of French football's most successful clubs, but that's not the reason to get your hands on this shirt.

I mean, you've got eyes: just look at it! This is a shirt that would look equally at home on a Milan catwalk as on a football pitch. 


2. Soviet Union home shirt 1970's

We've once again been charmed by a shirt for a nation that no longer exists. This beautifully made Soviet Union shirt comes with CCCP wording on the front (that's USSR but spelled using the Russian alphabet). 

Granted, this probably wouldn't be the best choice of kit if you were planning on attending a Young Conservatives meeting, however on every other occasion you'll be the best dressed in the room.


1. Sampdoria home shirt 1991/92

As seen here being modelled by Gianluca Vialli when he had a full head of hair, the Sampdoria retro home shirt for 1991 is nothing short of glorious.

All those nostalgic Serie A feelings from the 90's come flooding back with this absolute gem. From the old-school sponsor, to the Scudetto patch & the instantly-recognisable design, this retro jersey is in a class of it its own! 

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